If there is something that makes daily life just slightly brighter, it's emojis. When you think about it, it all started for the kids old enough to remember MSN convos and the MSN emoticons that let you express your mood.

Now in 2018 emojis have become a language of their very own. So you can imagine how curious and happy our team was to hear that the Unicode Consortium (the company which chooses and creates new emojis) is launching 157 new icons today.  One of the coolest additions include added new skin colors and new "sexual genres". Hello 2018!

The other good news, redheads are now finally given some representation in the emoticon world ... Victory!  aries, of course, depending on the device used.

Via Emojipedia

Via Emojipedia

In short, there are a total of 157 new emojis that have been unveiled, with the exciting news that the company is expecting to launch even more emojis in March 2019! Among them being waffles, ballet shoes, falafel and an orangutan.

One small drawback from the new though is that it could be months before we can all actually use the new emojis in a Whatsapp message, social media post, etc. Twitter in the past has been known to update its systems quickly but Android and Apple devices generally wait until later in the year to add new emojis to their operating system.

Adapted from - Narcity Quebec

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