It's no secret that the Olympic village gets pretty... freaky to say the least considering the Tinder and Bumble stats that routinely make headlines every time there is an Olympics. Though not much is ever said about the Olympians who are off the market because their dating none other than... another Olympian.

Seriously, how much more "power couple" can you get? Nevertheless, let's swoon over all the adorable Canadian Olympic couples that are tearing up the Winter games as we speak:

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Caroline Ouellette and Julie Chu

The former captain of U.S.A's Olympic hockey team and former captain of Canada's Olympic hockey team... yes they're dating, yes they're adorable and yes they aren't both Canadian but this is an Olympic love story for the decades okay?! This exception is necessary. Not only are the pair together but they just had a baby in November meaning now we have a cute Olympic couple and baby to die over!

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Denny and Josie Morrison

Not only do Denny and Josie share a last name but they share the same Olympic sport too! The married couple are both on Canada's speed skating team and just when you thought they couldn't get more adorable, Denny took to Instagram last week with this adorable caption: "I've been talking about being here with @morrjosie for a very long time," he wrote. "It's like I've suddenly opened my eyes and realized we've actually made it this far. And it's beautiful."

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Eric Radford and Luis Fenero

Technically Luis Fenero is actually Spanish, but he trains in Montréal and these two are way too cute to exclude from this list. Radford, on the other hand, is very much Canadian and has been all Canadians have been talking about after becoming the first openly gay athlete to score gold at the games. Who was in the stands cheering him on after helping Team Canada pick up their first gold medal? None other than his ice dancing fiancé!

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Charles Hamelin and Marianne St-Gelais

You might remember this pair from their kiss that went viral during the Vancouver 2010 games after Hamelin won gold. Since then, they've recreated the adorable moment in Sochi when Hamelin won gold yet again! This year Marianne has her eyes on gold as well after earning two silver medals throughout her Olympic career. Regardless of the outcome for either party, it's clear they won gold with each other!

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Jamie Anderson and Tyler Nicholson

Ok so they technically aren't both Canadian but they were too adorable not to include! Plus they made #teamnorthamerica a thing. Jamie Anderson is a snowboarder who is competing in slopestyle snowboarding this year and represents Team USA, while her Olympic bae Nicholson is competing in the Olympics for the first time as a snowboarder as well representing our home and native land!