While yesterday was the biggest night in the year for sports lovers, a certain member of the Kardashian clan somehow managed to be the talk of the world. In true Kardashian fashion, Kylie made her big reveal and took the spotlight on social media for the day with an emotional reveal of the birth of her new baby girl.

The reveal was full of surprises considering everyone was still pretty shocked that she was actually pregnant, but then even further surprised when she revealed she had already had the baby on February 1st. On top of that, she shared an emotional 11-minute video full of memories with her family and friends over her pregnancy journey.

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While the video was a touching tribute to her new daughter, fans noticed there were a ton of little easter eggs hidden in the video that exposed some things about the Kardashian clan. From her sister's pregnancies and Kim's new baby to their relationship with Caitlyn, this video was packed with info.

First, let's get started with the main thing everyone is talking about that has absolutely nothing to do with the baby or Ky's pregnancy in general. In the video, at one point Kylie was filming herself in the mirror with a red dress on showcasing her baby bump. If you take a closer look, you'll notice some bling on her ring finger.

Via Kylie Jenner | Youtube

Via Kylie Jenner | Youtube

While it doesn't look like a traditional engagement ring, fans argue that maybe Kylie wanted something different. Many arguing it would make sense for them to get engaged considering they've already moved so fast. Then again just as many fans argue it couldn't be possible because of how fast her relationship with Travis Scott has gone by. Keep in mind she became pregnant a short two months after the pair started seeing each other.

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While we doubt the new low-key Kylie will confirm the engagement news anytime soon, we can't help but think she planted that little video to egg fans on. Though that isn't the only sneaky detail fans caught in the star's 11-minute tribute to her new daughter.

The next spill from Kylie's video wasn't really something you had to look for too hard considering the moment was front and center in the video. We got our first glimpse of Kim and Kanye's new baby Chicago. Apart from unofficial photos that got exposed of the baby last week, Kim has remained very hush-hush in terms of bringing her baby into the spotlight. So it was interesting to see that the footage made it into Kylie's video.

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On top of that Kylie spilled the day that Chicago was born, being January 15th. Making it only a short two weeks between the two new baby Kardashian/ Jenners that joined the fast-growing clan. Keep in mind we're still waiting on Khloé's, so we'll definitely be seeing a ton of baby photos in the next coming months.

A noticeable absence from the video was Caitlyn Jenner, while Rob and his daughter Dream were in a few of the clips, Kylie's father wasn't seen at all in the video. Which only further fuels the rumours that the Kardashians have completely boxed out Caitlyn from their lives.

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Finally, we got a secret look into the super low-key (but of  course very boujee) baby shower that was held for Kylie. From the satin pajamas to the pink and white accents, while we only got a few quick glimpses of the shower, it's clear that the celebration was a ton of fun and was decorated to the nines.

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While the video was short and sweet, it was definitely packed with tons of tidbits that either fuelled further rumours or confirmed theories for fans. Regardless, we'll just be here waiting patiently for the first glimpse of Kylie's new baby!