It's a bird, it's a plane... no one knows exactly what it is, but UFO sightings have been reported across Canada for years now. Whether it's over the prairies or on the eastern shores of the country, people claim to have encountered aliens everywhere. 

Not everyone believes in aliens, but some people think they have concrete proof that other intergalactic species are out there and some of the weirdest reported sightings have happened right here in Canada. 

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The UFO phenomenon isn't new by any means. In fact, Canada's wildest sightings date back to 50 years ago. The first was back in 1967 in Halifax, when frantic residents called the RCMP saying something had crashed into the ocean. While RCMP officers, fishermen, and pilots all reported seeing the lights crash, nothing was ever found in the water. 

Less than 10 years later, another one of Canada's biggest UFO incidents happened in Saskatchewan in 1974. Unlike most accounts of just seeing lights, one farmer says that he saw five saucers hovering above his fields. The encounter was investigated by US experts but nothing could be confirmed. 

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Joining the ranks of the craziest encounters is made the most recognized sighting in Canada. In 1967, a man in Falcon Lake, Manitoba became sick and was burned after seeing what he called cigar-shaped objects in the sky. He got close enough to hear whirring motors and even lights inside the object. 

When he tried to touch the object, it shot forward and hit him in the chest, setting his shirt on fire. The incident was so famous that the Canadian Mint made a coin about it. 

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While those are some of Canada's weirdest, and most inexplicable sightings there have been more in recent years too. In Toronto, people have reported seeing all sorts of lights throughout the city, including this video from a year ago. While some people have suggested it could just be paper lanterns from one of Toronto's various festivals, some are certain that aliens were hovering over our city. 

Even more recently on the west coast, multiple people reported the sky lighting up at night time in both Alberta and Vancouver earlier this year. Some people began offering theories like meteor showers but others weren't convinced saying there were a lot more weird lights than normal. 

According to others, Edmonton, in particular, is a hotspot for possible UFO sightings, with people reporting strange lights in the sky all the time. 

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Even today people are still claiming to have seen weird lights and unexplained phenomenon. Two weeks ago a Moncton, New Brunswick resident took to Reddit to share their story of seeing a weird flaming object in the night sky that left a trail of smoke before quickly disappearing. 

And in the most recent sighting, a Montreal, Quebec woman shared a video today of weird lights she saw over the city in the early morning hours. In the strange video, the lights hover in the sky, with the intensity of the light fading in and out. 

Whether or not you believe in aliens and UFOs, they aren't completely unfounded reports. According to Vice, the Canadian government even investigated some UFO reports throughout history. Documents they found showed the process the government used for investigating any alien activity. 

Among the documents, they also mentioned six different UFO reports that were investigated, including the 1967 Halifax incident and other instances of strange lights and mysterious crop circles. 

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For almost every reported sighting, there are even more people offering seemingly scientific or logical solutions to explain what's going on but none the less whether or not aliens exist is yet to be confirmed.