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Here Are All The Celebrities That Were Spotted At Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas' Wedding

An A list couple calls for an A list guest list!
Here Are All The Celebrities That Were Spotted At Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas' Wedding

While fans are still reeling from the excitement that the star-studded couple is now officially married, it's worth noting that the guest list was pretty exciting as well. Considering that Priyanka is a famous actress and Nick is a famous singer/actor, it's pretty easy to assume their wedding would attract some pretty big names that they've befriended throughout their relationship. 

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With that in mind, tons of stars showed up for the big day to celebrate the pair tying the knot. So if you are curious as to who showed up, just keep scrolling. Though unfortunately, we'll warn you that yes, those rumours about Meghan Markle not going were, in fact, true.

Joe Jonas

While Joe is definitely busy between writing new songs with his DNCE bandmates and planning for his own wedding, he made sure to clear his schedule for his younger brother in light of his big day! 

Kevin Jonas

Of course, Kevin would be joining Joe in helping celebrate Nick's big day, the wedding not only served as a celebration of Nick and Priyanka but also an impromptu Jonas Brother reunion! 

Frankie Jonas

While Frankie Jonas has been off the grid for a while, Nick Joe and Kevin's little brother was of course in attendance and the difference in his appearance from when the Jonas Brothers were popular shocked a lot of fans. He's definitely not little Frankie anymore! 

Sophie Turner

While Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas aren't set to marry until next Summer (when they reportedly are hoping to marry in France), that doesn't mean the Game of Thrones star wouldn't get an invite! Turner joined her fianceé Joe to celebrate the big day, and maybe get some ideas for her own wedding happening next year! 

Danielle Jonas

Of course, Kevin Jonas' wife would be in attendance for her new sister-in-law's big celebration and to support her younger brother-in-law.  

Jonathan Tucker

Jonathan Tucker is an actor who Nick Jonas starred alongside in Kingdom. Tucker is actually so close with Jonas that he reportedly served as a groomsman for the ceremony! 

Elizabeth Chambers 

Elizabeth Chambers was in attendance at the wedding as well, while she has a collection of bakeries across America, she's known on the celebrity level thanks to her actor husband Armie Hammer! Armie, unfortunately, didn't seem to catch an invite for himself. 

Jasmine Walia

Jasmine Walia is a British actress and singer known for her role on The Only Way Is Essex, but the reason she was invited was due to her close friendship with Priyanka! 

Lilly Singh 

It turns out there was some Toronto representation at Priyanka's wedding this weekend! While Lilly Singh hit the news earlier this month for announcing a break from social media, she was still in attendance at Priyanka and Nick's wedding to celebrate their big day! 

Mimi Cuttrell 

Mimi is none other than Priyanka's stylist and judging by how amazing Priyanka's street and formal looks have been as of late, it's clear why she got an invite to the wedding. Not only does Mimi curate outfits for Priyanka, but she also works with the Hadid sisters as well!


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