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Here Are All The Places You Can Legally Smoke And Buy Weed, Based On Your Province

Every province in Canada has its own rules for where you can legally smoke and purchase marijuana.
Here Are All The Places You Can Legally Smoke And Buy Weed, Based On Your Province

The Canadian government just started a new chapter in history by passing the bill to legalize recreational marijuana. Two to three months from now, Canadians will be free to smoke, purchase, and (in some provinces) grow marijuana to their heart's content. 

But, every province and territory will have its own set of regulations for recreational marijuana use. Here are all the rules for buying and smoking marijuana in your province.

Newfoundland and Labrador 

Anyone over the age of 19 can buy marijuana in this province. There will be 24 private shops that sell it, most of which will be attached to grocery stores and stores that sell alcohol. You're also allowed to grow up to four weed plants at home. But, smoking weed in public is still completely banned.

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Residents of P.E.I can purchase marijuana from four different stand-alone shops, or online. Growing marijuana at home is also totally legal, as long as it's out of reach of children. As for smoking it, it's only allowed indoors with permission from the property owner.

Nova Scotia

Reports show that Nova Scotians spend more money on weed than any other province in Canada. So naturally, there will be even more cannabis shops than originally planned. As a resident of Nova Scotia, you'll soon be able to shop for weed at 12 different shops across the province - and there are no restrictions on where you can smoke, or how much you grow at home.


Home growing and smoking marijuana in public will be banned in the province of Manitoba. There will be several privately-owned stand-alone cannabis shops across the province, with the option to purchase online. Anyone over the age of 19 can purchase from these shops.

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To start, Ontarians will only be able to buy weed at 40 province-owned cannabis shops. The legal age to purchase is 19, and smoking in public places will remain illegal - with the exception of cannabis cafes. But, with Doug Ford stepping in as Premier, a "free market" for marijuana sales might be on the horizon.


Unlike most of Canada, the legal purchasing age in Quebec is 18. But, growing your own supply will be completely illegal, and there will only be 20 cannabis stores across the entire province - at least in the beginning.

Northwest Territories

Because it may be hard to get your hands on marijuana in this vast region of Canada, growing plants at home is legally permitted in the Northwest Territories. Adults over 19 can purchase weed online, or from retail establishments where liquor is sold.

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Alberta is joining Quebec in allowing teens as young as 18 to legally purchase marijuana. You'll also be allowed to smoke it almost anywhere in public, and at least 250 cannabis stores are expected to pop up within the first year.


Saskatchewan will have the most options for purchasing marijuana. There will be 51 stores, and privately owned retailers are legally allowed to set up shop. Home growing is allowed, but landlords will have the final say.


Sadly, no cannabis stores are in the works for Nunavut. Smoking weed in public is permitted for individuals over 19 years old, but home growing remains illegal.

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British Columbia

Residents of B.C. over 19 will soon be able to buy marijuana from government-run and privately owned stores - but, you won't find them in places where alcohol and tobacco are already sold. You'll also be allowed to smoke it anywhere, except for in parks and vehicles.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick residents over the age of 19 will have the option to purchase marijuana from 20 different cannabis shops across the province. They'll also be able to shop for marijuana online, and have it delivered to their door. Homeowners can grow their own plants as long as they're kept indoors, or in an enclosed space with a secure lock.


The people of Yukon will only have access to just one cannabis shop, and it's still unclear where it'll be. Only residents over the age of 19 can purchase legally, and smoking marijuana is only permitted inside private residences.

Source: VICE News

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