We all know that Canada is special. We're like the United States but we have a little more spunk, a ton of authentic traditions and some of the best food that the world has to offer. I mean, have you had traditional poutine?

The Reddit user from the UK explained that their parents are traveling to Canada to visit a family member in a few weeks. They preemptively asked what should their parents bring back for them from their trip to Canada that they don't have in the UK. 

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So, when Redditor @chemical_sweetness posted this question asking Reddit what Canada had to offer, Canadians couldn't help but list off some of our favourite Canadian things.

Maple Syrup

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It started off simple, with a very Canadian recommendation of maple syrup. Because, of course, we're going to recommend maple syrup.


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Someone even suggested, Map-O-Spread.

Cheese Curds

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Would we really be Canadian, if it wasn't for our incredibly famous cheese-curd filled poutines?

Then Redditors moved onto some other Canadians staples.

Hawkin's Cheezies

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We can't forget about Hawkin's Cheezies. Is there anything better?

Thrills Chewing Gum

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There were a few funny (and definitely sarcastic) ones, as well.

Milk In A Bag

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Canadians love to poke fun at the fact many Easterners still get milk in a bag. Even though most areas in Canada get milk in a jug, it's still one of those things that's hilarious to foreigners.

Tim Horton's Coffee

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Another sensitive subject when it comes to Canadians. Even though most Canadians still love our beloved doughnuts and coffee company, maybe believe that the taste has changed since the company was sold.