Here Are The Most Dangerous Cities In Canada Right Now, Ranked By The Crime

Did your city make the list?
Here Are The Most Dangerous Cities In Canada Right Now, Ranked By The Crime

New data has just been released about the most dangerous cities in Canada and the results are unbelievable. There are 229 cities on the list, and the findings are based on most current crime data available.

There are even separate categories based on specific criminal offences, including sexual assault, violent crime, breaking and entering, drug trafficking, and youth crime. 

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By a long shot, the most dangerous city in Canada is listed as North Battleford, Saskatchewan. 

North Battleford has been deemed the "crime capital of Canada" for quite some time now. The city has a population of 14,535, but tops the charts for youth crime, firearms offences, breaking and entering, and impaired driving.

Next in line is Thompson, Manitoba. With only a slightly smaller population than North Battleford, Thompson is listed as the second most dangerous city in Canada. It ranks the highest in the homicide, violent crime, assault, cannabis trafficking and cocaine trafficking categories. 

After North Battleford and Thompson, the three highest ranking cities for overall crime are Prince Albert in Saskatchewan, Williams Lake in B.C. and Red Deer, Alberta.

Here are the cities that made the top ten for overall crime:

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But, here's what's most surprising  - Winnipeg, Manitoba ranks at the top of the list for robbery, and Port Hope, Ontario is seeing the highest increase in fraud-related crimes right now. 

As far as major cities go, their rankings are actually pretty low on the list. Vancouver is the 35th most dangerous city in Canada, Calgary is 93rd, Montreal is 97th, Toronto is 124th, and Ottawa is 144th. 

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