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Here Are The Places In Canada Where It Will Be Easiest To Get A Job And The Industries

These are the provinces with the most new jobs right now.
Here Are The Places In Canada Where It Will Be Easiest To Get A Job And The Industries

Canada is getting a huge rush of new full-time jobs right now. Last month alone, the employers delivered 32,300 jobs across the country. In March, Ontario and Quebec were the two Canadian provinces with the largest influx of full-time work. 

Quebec gained 16,000 new jobs, and 28,600 full-time positions. Ontario added 10,600 new jobs, and another 16,300 full time positions. But, compared to February, these numbers only represent an increase of 0.1% in Ontario, and 0.4% in Quebec. Saskatchewan's monthly growth was a more impressive 0.7%, and Alberta's was 0.4%.Via Stokkete

According to Statistics Canada, the majority of these new full-time jobs across all provinces were in construction. Jobs in public administration, transportation and warehousing, and agriculture were also at the top of the list.

Despite all these new jobs, Canada's unemployment rate is still at an all-time low. Across the country, the jobless rate has shown up as 5.8% for a few months now. Which hasn't happened since 2007. Below is the latest  unemployment chart by province.

Via Statistics Canada

Via statcan

But, the youth unemployment rates have actually improved. Jobless youth in Canada appeared as 10.9% in March, compared to 11.1% in February. So, that's a plus.

Via FirmBee

In February, an HR firm released a list of the most in demand jobs of 2018. In the top five were general labourer, sales representative, accountant, engineering project manager, and business analyst. In case you're curious,on more info on in demand jobs, click here.

Sources: HuffPost Canada, Statistics Canada

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