Canada is known for our maple syrup, kindness, and our nice-guy Prime minister. Yet because we are the second largest country in the world, it can limit Canadians from travelling all across our home and native land. 

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While each province knows that there are particular landmarks that locals make fun of, all Canadians aren't familiar with tons of these sights from around the country. Plus internationally, Canada is known for our vast amount of space and beautiful scenery instead of architecture. 

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After a little bit of sleuthing on the internet, and talking amongst the cross-country writing team here at Narcity, we have compiled a list of the ugliest buildings across Canada. 

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The 12 buildings that made the list have been torn apart online because they've become eyesores across our great nation. Whether it's because they're too bulky, too modern, or even too creepy, it's time we step our countries architecture game instead of wasting time and money on gross cement blobs. 

Here are the ugliest buildings in each Canadian province according to the people who live there. 

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1. British Columbia - Riverview Hospital 

First and foremost, Riverview Hospital is an abandoned mental institution that dates back to 1876 and it was actually British Columbia's first mental facility. Parts of the hospital are currently being demolished for renovations but the old parts that are still standing in Coquitlam, British Columbia are just straight up creepy. Because of it's disgusting and scary look it's actually been used as a filming location in TV shows like "Riverdale" and "Supernatural".

Abandoned bottle in a patient's room at #Riverview #hospital... #haunted #film #tour #BC

August 21, 2016

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2. British Columbia - Vancouver Aquatic Centre 

There was a tie for B.C. with the Vancouver Aquatic Centre and it is not hard to see why. This architecture style is known as brutalism and man is it brutal! While the west coast city has a beautiful aquatic centre on the inside of the structure, the outside is just no good.

During daylight hours, Vancouver Aquatic Centre looks like partially-crushed cardboard box. At night, it becomes off-ship quarantine for the alien craft orbiting not far above.

May 17, 2018

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3. Alberta - Butterdome at University of Alberta 

The Butterdome is the sports facility at the University of Alberta and literally known to anyone who lives in Edmonton. I mean, how could you miss it when it's that giant and yellow. Inside the facility is 64,000 sq ft of space for sports, including four basketball, volleyball, badminton and tennis courts.

Butterdome, y u so ugly? #ualberta

August 1, 2012

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4. Saskatchewan - Sturdy Stone Centre 

The Sturdy Stone Centre is another brutalist building and it's somewhat hard to look at. While most of the building just serves as government office space and parking but really it is just a massive building with a big brown accent. It's hard to imagine much natural light is in those offices.

Dramatic lighting on the Sturdy Stone building (I always thought this building looks like a dungeon from Zelda)

February 24, 2015

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Via Kyle Schewe from Flickr

5. Manitoba - Winnipeg Public Safety Building 

While the Winnipeg Public Safety Building is an eyesore the city actually decided to demolish the building this year for redevelopment. Though the building was previously used by the Police, a change in offices left the six storey building unused and non-functional. Nevertheless, it's still not nice to look at.

I give you you Winnipeg's ironically named "Public Safety Building." Ironic due to the fact that parts of the facade have been falling off, so they had to build a covered walkway around the building to protect people from falling debris.

March 23, 2018

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6. Ontario - Royal Ontario Museum 

While the ROM is a debatably ugly building, most people complain because the crystal was a very modern addition to an old brick building. Even so much that the museum was actually voted the eighth ugliest building in the world in 2009. Some people prefer the old building prior to the expansion with the crystal.

Toronto's beautiful Royal Ontario Museum, which so many people think is ugly. #TheyAreWrong
.#canada150 #rom #royalontariomuseum #…

July 2, 2017

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7. Ontario - OCAD University 

Another very debatable building in Ontario is OCAD Univesity. While the main building is definitely unique as it floats far above the ground, many argue that it's giant colourful legs make it ugly. That being said it's a funky school shouldn't it have some funky architecture?

if you google search "ugly architecture" you see the OCAD building

October 2, 2013

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8. Prince Edward Island - Confederation Centre 

Confederation Centre is PEI's claim to the art world because it's where they famously put on the "Anne of Green Gables" musical. That being said, the centre is another Canadian building that falls victim to brutalist architecture and is basically just large cement blocks.

Watched a wonderful production of Anne of Green Gables the musical @ConfedCentre! Bravo 👏 to everyone involved! Watched this same musical 16 years ago at the Confederation Centre for the Arts and just recently in December @OLT1950. Love ❤️

July 22, 2018

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9. Nova Scotia - Killam Memorial Library 

The Killam Memorial Library is actually the largest at Dalhousie University, but that doesn't mean it's pretty to look at. The library is another brutalist building and while it may store tons of books, it tends to look like a prison to the rest of the students.

Killam Memorial library 66-71
Awaiting its imminent vivisection. I've always thought a reflecting pool would work great in this spot if it weren't for the danger to the server center below. #brutalhfx #halifax #architecture #betonbrut #brutalist

May 25, 2018

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10. Newfoundland - St. Johns City Hall 

Considering St. John's is the capital of Newfoundland it's important that City Hall be a big space where people can make important decisions. Sadly, some of the locals think that the boxy look to the building doesn't really match the rest of the colourful and bright city.

A green glow on St. John's city hall this morning. #nltraffic

March 17, 2016

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Via Concordia Univeristy

11. Quebec - Henry F. Building 

It seems like a lot of Canadian schools are on this list and Concordia University in Montreal is next. The Henry F. Building is considered another one of those bulky blocks with minimal natural lighting that everyone hates. Because it's all boxy with a window pattern it gives you the prison feel that a ton of Canadian buildings seem to have.

Brutal Montreal: Concordia University’s Henry F. Hall Building

November 26, 2017

Also for @aanand, a pico of a building he has certainly seen but I like a lot

June 8, 2018

Le Rigaud (Sherbrooke & Berri), Montreal

January 23, 2016

12. Quebec - Le Rigaud (Apartment Building)

Another Montreal apartment building is the same tense and boxy shape that makes it almost unbearable to look at, let alone live in. The major cement fins at the side are quite the finish touch on the apartment building but the windows at the bottom that look like a belt are really what ruin it.

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