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Here Is Exactly Where Canada Stands On Marijuana Legalization Right Now

Lots of rules are still being worked out.

The government of Canada is supposed to be legalizing Marijuana sometime in the summer of this year but is still in the process of working out all the rules around it. 

Each province will have some different rules but the government wants to create at least some standards across the board it seems. 

Recently the Senate passed a whole bunch of amendments to the Bill-C45 aka the Cannabis Act which aims to legalizing cannabis a create governing laws that apply everywhere in Canada.  

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One of these amendments states that there will have to be some sort of maximum on the level of potency for the products you’ll be able to buy in stores when it becomes legal. 

What exactly this potency level will be is not stated in the amendments, but it will have to be clearly labeled on the packaging that Health Canada recommends for the sale of pot.   

#PlainPackaging measures for #cannabis products include clear mandatory health warnings. https://t.co/KDeGnpfq8j pic.twitter.com/x5evHgnMpn

March 19, 2018

The bill also currently states that if your province hasn’t banned growing the plants at home – which both Manitoba and Quebec say they will do – that you’ll be able to grow up to 5 plants in your house at a time.  

They’re also creating punishments for those who break the rules.  

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If, for example, you were to grow 6 plants in your house instead of 5 you would have 60 days to pay whatever fine you are given.  

So while legal pot is on the way this summer, according to the government, the rules around it are still very much a work in progress at this point. 

Source: Global News