If you have any form of internet connection, you probably know that Taylor Swift dropped her new music video last night for her comeback single, 'Look What You Made Me Do.' We've spent the last week covering all things Taylor Swift: from the social media clean sweep, to sketchy Instagram posts and the reveal of the single itself

We speculated who and what the single was about - most likely when Kimye put Taylor on blast last year. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here & get back to me. Still with me? Great. Taylor's video brings a lot of clarification and also questions, in true TSwift fashion. But let's go ahead and get into it, shall we? 

So we start the video off getting super creeped by zombie Swift and ghosts of victims past. Taylor alludes to her lack of credibility and deceased good girl reputation, as everyone is basically done with her shit in 2017. If you look real hard at the tombstone next to zombie T, you'll see the name: Nils Sjoberg. If the name sounds familiar, it's because it's the pseudonym Taylor used to write Calvin Harris' This Is What You Came For. If you ever thought the two might get back together, you're literally dead wrong. 

Speaking of dead, so is Taylor! Lying in her grave in her 2014 Met Gala dress. Which I guess is a nice burial gown?? I'm speculating that she used this look because it was the last time the media thought Taylor Swift was just a sweet, unproblematic country star?? 

Anyways. Grave Taylor flashes to I-bathe-in-diamonds-Taylor, which is a nod to an introduction she gave herself before performing 'Blank Space' last year, where she defines her media persona as a "[girl who] jet sets around the world collecting men and she can get any of them but then she’s so clingy that they leave and she cries. And then she cries in a marble bathtub surrounded by pearls." 

It's also important to note that there is a single dollar next to Taylor on her left. Which obviously speaks to her sexual abuse trial, where she sued her assailant for a single dollar. I mess with that. Good for you, Tay. 

Random but I also think she mildly @'d Kim Kardashian with the flashy diamond rings near her mouth. Looking a bit too similar to the Instagram Kim posted before she got robbed in Paris........Kim was also tied and left in the tub during the incident. AM I READING INTO THIS TOO MUCH or????

From there, we go to Snake Queen Taylor, where the girl literally sits on a throne covered in snakes (lol). The throne obviously alludes to a place of power and is conveniently a Kanye album title, too. The throne is engraved with 'Et Tu Brute?" which is a Julius Caesar reference. The line is used when a friend is shocked by the betrayal of another friend. Just @Ye already. 

The snakes then SERVE Taylor literal tea. Kim has many a 'truth tea' 'sipping tea' emoji so don't think this didn't go unnoticed Taylor!!!

Ah, car crash Swift. This was a very outrageous @ Katy Perry for a couple reasons. One, look at the damn hair here. Tell me that doesn't look like KP's current hair style. Also, the leopard print is pretty signature Katy in regards to her KatyCat army. The paparazzi wiling out in this scene makes me thing Taylor's accusing Katy of writing her songs solely for media attention. And the not-so-subtle Grammy flex? Just Taylor reminding Katy of what she's never won. Evil, but great. 

Some casual cat burglary, as you do. This bank was called 'Stream & Co.' which nods to Taylor Swift's beef with Spotify. She conveniently allowed the site access to her music the same day as Katy's new album dropped, if you remember. Taylor robbing this bank - in KP cat-masks - can be interpreted as Taylor racking up cash that she doesn't even need, which explains why she sets it on fire :))

Recognize this baby-tee? Ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston famously wore one to Taylor Swift's Fourth of July party when the two were together. Basically, she's not missing the guy and there are many a dude that will happily rock the tee. 

Crafty mechanic Taylor! Sawing off the wing of this plane references Katy Perry's Roar, as the video features a large plane wreck. Maybe Taylor's trying to say KP's not going anywhere?? 

​​​​​​​And finally, we went with ghosts of Taylors past. Which includes 'You Belong With Me' Swift, RED TSwift, Fearless TSwift and 2009 VMA TSwift amongst others. Taylor pokes fun at herself and her own reputation, saying that she always plays 'the victim'. When one of the Taylors says "What's wrong with that bitch?" Zombie Swift jumps back with "Don't call me that!" Which definitely references Taylor's alleged problem with Kanye's 'Famous'. 

And last but not least, Car Crash Taylor aka Katy Perry/maybe Kim K? Was busy "Getting receipts! I'm gonna edit this later." Which is almost a direct quote from Katy Perry's 'Swish Swish' where she sings "karma's not a liar - she keeps receipts". And the editing quip definitely makes me think of Taylor accusing Kim of using 1 minute of video of an hour long conversation between Taylor and Ye. 

Apparently you can pack a whole lotta shade in 4 minutes and 15 seconds. ​​​​​​​Let us know if we missed anything else.