Here’s A List Of All The Celebrities That Have Been Banned From Entering Canada

G-Eazy isn't alone in being turned away at the Canadian border.
Here’s A List Of All The Celebrities That Have Been Banned From Entering Canada

News broke today that G-Eazy was denied entry at the Canadian Border and consequently had to cancel his headlining show for Cowboy's Music Festival, part of the Calgary Stampede celebration.

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Tons of fans had paid over $400 to see the rapper perform last night but hours before the event, Cowboy's released a statement reading "G-Eazy is unable to perform tonight due to reasons beyond our control." 

The rapper was arrested in Sweden for cocaine possession back in May, where he also attacked security guards while at a nightclub. Typically those who are denied entry to Canada have a criminal record to blame, which may have been the case with this incident. 

It turns out that G-Eazy isn't the only famous person that's not allowed into Alberta and it's actually an issue many celebrities face. A charge like a D.U.I. (driving under intoxication) is enough to be denied entry. Here's a full list of all the celebrities who once got barred from entering Canada. 

1. 50 Cent

The In Da Club rapper is another celebrity who is banned from entering Canada. He was denied entry in 2005 due to his criminal record and promoting gun violence in his music. A Toronto MP even stated that "I don't think people in Toronto or any urban centre need or want to hear Mr. Jackson's message right now."

2. Wes Bentley

The Hunger Games actor was denied entry to Canada back in 2012 while trying to promote a film at TIFF in Toronto. The reason the actor was not allowed to enter the country was due to his 2008 drug possession. Bentley is now sober but is very public about his addiction struggle with heroin. 

3. Chris Brown 

While it's no surprise that Chris Brown has a criminal past, the singer disappointed his fans in Montreal and Toronto after he was held at the border in 2015. He also had to cancel another concert in Toronto back in 2014. 

4. The Used 

The frontman of the band The Used, Bert McCracken, has multiple offenses dating back to the early 2000's but that was still enough for border agents to bar the band entry to Canada in 2012. The banning inspired the band to have a "border tour" close to America and Canada's border with free tickets for Canadians who would travel to see the band. They sinced were able to enter and perform in Canada. 

5. The Game 

Back in 2011, the rapper was barred from Canada for his gang affiliation in the USA. The Game said he was going to be detained for 14 days, though that's actually illegal due to detainments having to be reviewed in 48 hours. 

6. Russell Brand 

In 2011 comedian Russell Brand tweeted out that he wasn't able to perform to 5000 Canadians due to being unable to cross the border into Canada. Later CasinoRama disputed the claim, saying that Brand never got on the plane and wanted to fly directly into Orilla, which doesn't have an international airport. Brand would need an international airport to talk to border agents. 

7. Lil Wayne 

Lil' Wayne was denied entry into Canada in 2011 due to a string of charges related to weapons and drugs. Even though border security told him to make arrangements ahead of time, the rapper was still forced to cancel his tour dates in Canada. 

8. M.I.A. 

Though the rapper and singer M.I.A. was allowed entry to Canada eventually, it took her multiple flights and hours of driving to attend her biographical film in the 2018 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. Denied entry on a plane from London to Toronto, the artist had to fly to New York and then drive into the country instead.

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