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Here's Everything We Know About 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 So Far

Because Winter is coming and so is the finale.

Game of Thrones is almost over - and that sentence in itself is almost as terrifying as the Night King. This series has truly swept the globe with adventure, romance, fantasy and drama unlike anything else on the air right now. Meaning, it will truly break all of our hearts when the eighth and final season both begins and ends. 

Currently, we're waiting for the season 7 finale this Sunday, August 27th. But after it airs, we're in for a series GOT dry spell as George R.R.Martin has been stingy as hell with the details of what happens to who, when. 

However, we do have some details as to what's going on in Westeros for its last and final season. Here's everything we know, thus far. 

When will it air? 

Hahahahahaha we WISH we knew. Season 8 doesn't even have a release date yet. There's not even a guaranteed year. Of course fans are hoping that it drops the coming year, in 2018, but truthfully it makes more sense for it to premiere in Spring 2019 for a chance to rack up some Emmys.

How long will it be? 

6 episodes. That's right, only. Fking. Six. Though as horrible as a short season of Game of Thrones sounds, the episodes are going to be much longer, starting at 80 minutes of action or longer. The episodes' length makes sense as to why the season will be premiering later, as there's lots more to edit.

Have they started working on it?

Yes and no. The production sets are in full swing in all of your favourite set locations. The north of Ireland is set to be a big filming location for all of our Winterfell scenes, while lots of parts of Spain are set to be King's Landing - like Seville and Andalusia, where the big Lannister-Targaryen Battle was filmed. Set designers are also scouring for new castles to see what will work best.

Who will we see in season 8?

Honestly, who knows. George R.R. Martin is fickle af but apparently, Cersei and Jamie are safe, thanks to the actors talking about season 8 scripts already. We're going to assume Jon and Daeny make it onwards, too, simply because they haven't made out yet and if that's not the point of the show rn then what is??

As for Sansa and Arya, unfortunately the show's creators have spilled that one of The Stark girls won't make it out alive sometime in season 7 or 8, so we're really on edge for that death. (Is it shitty of me to say I hope it's Arya?? She's been all kinds of crazy lately.)

Prequels, anyone?

Yup!! But don't get too excited. They'll only come out after season 8 is done and even still, won't have anything to do with the characters we know and love now. The writer of Kick Ass is penning up the first 'official' prequel with some help from old Georgie boy that'll hopefully help us survive life post-GOT.