Sorry, Blake Griffin - Kendall Jenner's officially over you. News broke today that Kendall's been seeing a new NBA star for "a few weeks" now, Philadelphia 76ers player Ben Simmons.

Kendall and Ben were spotted looking super flirty on a lunch date in Beverly Hills recently, and were "smiling the night away" together in Manhattan last week. Witnesses say that a wall of security guards ensured that the new couple got their privacy, so they could "enjoy their night hassle free."

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Kendall's new flame is from Melbourne, Australia and has been playing in the NBA for two years. He's 21 years old, a year younger than Kendall. He's also 6 feet and 10 inches tall, towering over Kendall who stands at 5'10".

Ben Simmons has also gotten media attention recently for his split from R&B singer Tinashe. News of their breakup came out just last week - apparently, Ben ended things with Tinashe for "doing Kardashian sh*t." If that's true, he's also a hypocrite.

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Kendall split from Blake Griffin earlier this year, but the two briefly rekindled in April. Blake is 29-year-old basketball player for the Detroit Pistons. The two were spotted on a dinner date shortly after Coachella weekend. Which was surprising, considering they refused to speak to each other all weekend long, according to multiple sources. 

Kendall got caught up in nasty drama with Blake Griffin's ex, who accused Blake of abandoning her and their two kids to "embarrassingly fawn" over Kendall. Hopefully, her new romance with Ben Simmons stays drama-free.

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Prior to Blake, Kendall was reportedly dating A$AP Rocky, who's also 29 years old. Her current romance with Ben seems to be the first time that Kendall's ever dated a younger man.

Whether Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons ever decide to make things official is still a mystery, but we really hope so!

Source: Hollywood Life