Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, known as rapper XXXTentacion was shot by a gunman after shopping for motorcycles in South Florida. It was reported that he had no heartbeat when paramedics arrived at the scene.

The 20-year old rapper was pronounced dead at a local hospital after being rushed from the scene. It's being reported that it was a possible drive-by, but videos confirm Onfroy was shot in his car. 

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The 20-year old rapper was known to police and was actually on trial for over a dozen felony charges, as well as domestic violence charges against his pregnant girlfriend. He is also being accused of witness tampering. 

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Onfroy was known to have feuds with rappers in the past but there were no known spats currently taking place. Last year he was jumped while in L.A, originally blaming Migos for the altercation, though he later apologized and increased his security. 

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Onfroy released his first album "17" in August of 2017 with his followup album "?" being released in March of this year. Both of Onfroy's recent singles, "Sad!" and "Changes" made the Billboard Hot100 list already in 2018. 

Though the rapper was on house arrest, a judge had recently granted him allowance to tour. 

Source: TMZ