Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Bachelor Star Vanessa Grimaldi's New NHL Beau

Sorry- Nick, who?
Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Bachelor Star Vanessa Grimaldi's New NHL Beau

A few months ago, the Bachelor fandom was saddened by the breakup of the adorable pair that were Nick Viall and fiancé Vanessa Grimaldi. The couple had been publicly together for just about 5 months, and had made us "ouuu" and "awhhh" at them as they conquered a killer long distance relationship.

Despite the romance we all dream of, it was short-lived, but since then Vanessa has moved on. For those of you not aware, Girmaldi is now being linked to 25-year old Canadian NHL hockey player, Brendan Gallagher. If you're not a big hockey fan, let me fill you in on some details about this new flame Vanessa is burning!

Meet Brendan Adam Mathew Gallagher, born on May 6th, 1992 in Edmonton, Alberta. He was drafted into the NHL in 2010 by the Montreal Canadiens (also happens to be where Girmaldi is from) and has been on the team since, now sporting the alternate captain "A" on his jersey. He has represented Canada on the world stage twice; winning a Bronze medal at the World Junior Championships in 2012, and a Gold at the IIHF Championship in 2016.

Gallagher recently helped launch the Skate for Kids Fundraiser, and is involved in many other charities, especially cancer-related charities.

He can class up guys night...with wine!

He's big on throwback pictures on Instagram.

Brendan is a class-A family man. He has three siblings Nolan, Breanne and Ian, and his parents are Della and Ian.

His favourite part about being in the NHL is the food aka he is ALL of us.

He is a huge softy, despite being a little sh*t on the ice (Gallagher is known to be a nuisance on the ice).

...& is a major goofball.

You did good Vanessa. Here's to hoping this one ends in a rose that will last a lifetime!

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