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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Death Of Michael Jackson's Father Joe Jackson

There was some controversy between Joe Jackson and his family.
Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Death Of Michael Jackson's Father Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson, father and manager of the Jackson family including Michael and Janet, had died today at 89-years old. He was admitted into a Las Vegas hospital earlier this week and passed away in a hospice attached to it. 

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Jackson was known for his parental management of his children, later securing their success in Hollywood. He took guidance from friend and legend Diana Ross, launching the careers of the Jackson 5, and solo careers for Michael and Janet. 

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In the past few years, Jackson's health has steadily declined. He suffered a stroke and three heart attacks in 2015, later being hospitalized for having a fever in 2016. 

The Jackson patriarch was found to have terminal pancreatic cancer earlier this month and has since been spending time with his wife, children, and grandchildren. 

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Working with family has always been discouraged and spoken about with great difficulty. For the Jackson family, it seems that having their father as their manager was no different. 

Joe Jackson's children spoke out later in life about the abuse they endured while under management from their father, including being physically hurt. Joe Jackson has always stood by his methods of management, saying it's actually what kept his children out of trouble. 

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When Michael Jackson was in court for molestation his father stood by his side and believed in his son's innocence. Yet after Michael's death, many criticized his father for using his son as a cash cow.

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Michaels daughter, Paris Jackson, made headlines over the weekend as someone tweeted on her grandfather's twitter account. The tweet related to his ill-health and likely death, which Paris credited as beautiful but false. She also confirmed to a fan in another tweet that she had spent the evening with her grandfather in his declining health. 

this is a beautiful tweet. though it upsets me to see whoever is in charge of this account taking advantage of it. my grandfather did not tweet this. i’m not sure if he’s ever used this account.

June 25, 2018

we all have. i flew out this morning to be with him all afternoon and evening.

June 25, 2018

Joe Jackson was the father of 10 children with wife Katherine but also had an additional child through a 25-year long affair. Though the two were no longer living together they were regularly in contact throughout Jackson's remaining years. 

Source: TMZ