Everything You Need To Know About The Grey Cup If You Know Nothing About Canadian Football

105th year coming in hot!
Everything You Need To Know About The Grey Cup If You Know Nothing About Canadian Football

We are down to 4 teams who will be battling it out this Sunday for a spot in the Grey Cup Finals 2017 that will be held in Ottawa on Sunday, November 26th. It's the Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Toronto Argonauts in the East Final, and the Edmonton Eskimos vs. Calgary Stampeders in the West Final.

The Grey Cup Finals will bring into Ottawa a week long festival, that will end in the showdown. It's an event that is perfectly to be hosted in the nation's capital- where else would you host the biggest party of the year on Canada's 150th year!

For many Canadians, this is a BIG day. To them, this is the same thing as the Super Bowl for American football (NFL). Many people know what that is, but the Grey Cup and facts about the CFL tend to get lost in it's spotlight. Here is a little refresher, or mini crash course, to get you ready for the big week that is ahead in the CFL!

Founded on January 19th, 1958

The CFL itself was founded much later than the formation of some teams, and the handing out of the first Grey Cup.

First Grey Cup, 1909

Donated by Governor General Albert Grey (who intended for it to be a hockey trophy), the first Grey Cup was given out in Toronto in front of almost 3,900 fans.

Toronto Argonauts are the oldest team

There are 9 teams in the CFL, and the oldest one being the Toronto Argonauts, who were originally founded in 1873.

Shania Twain is back

The halftime show this year will be performed by the always amazing, Shania Twain, who has performed at the halftime show once before, in 2002.

Ottawa takes center stage

The 2016 Grey Cup Final was won by this year's host city, Ottawa- ending their 40 year drought!

Rugby equals football

The CFL was formed when they merged together the professional rugby league and an inter-provincial football league.

Canada's football season

The CFL season runs from June to November, with 81 regular season games being played. The games are played in 4 quarters, each quarter being 15 mins.

Not just a truly Canadian sport

Funny enough, it wasn't JUST Canadian teams in the league. American teams played in the CFL back in 1992, but of course did not stick around long.

Football equals happiness

Back during WWII, the CFL was cancelled. However, three games were played during this time in order to boost moral and have people in better spirits despite the ongoing war.


You are allowed 3 downs (chances) to make 10 yards. A touchdown is scored when you cross the opponents goal line and is worth 6 points.

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Out of the 4 teams heading to their respective conference finals this weekend, the Toronto Argos have won the most Grey Cup Finals (16) and the Edmonton Eskimos have the second most (14).

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