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Here's How Cannabis Legalization Differs From Province To Province In Canada

The Government of Canada is all set to legalize Cannabis this summer. Last month stats Canada released data about how each Canadian province has different usage habits.  

And much like how users have different habits across the country each province has come up with it's own plan on how to deal with legislation. 

So lets look at them all.   

Legal age to buy cannabis: 

  • 19 years of age everywhere except Quebec and Alberta. 
  • In  Quebec and Alberta  the legal purchasing age will be 18-years-old. 

Recreational Consumption Restrictions:

  • British Columbia: You'll be able to smoke pot everywhere you're allowed to smoke cigarettes EXCEPT places children will be present like beaches. 
  • Alberta: Everywhere you can smoke cigarettes you can smoke pot, except in your car. 
  • Saskatchewan: No public consumption at all. 
  • Manitoba: No public consumption at all.
  • Ontario: No public smoking of marijuana.  
  • Quebec: You'll mostly be allowed to smoke in public, but some towns and certain places may not let you. 
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: You'll only be allowed to smoke in a private residence. 
  • New Brunswick: You can smoke in a private residence or on someone else's property with the consent of the owner.  
  • Nova Scotia: You'll be allowed to smoke in public for the most part but some specific places will be banned. 
  • Prince Edward Island: You can smoke in a private residence or on someone else's property with the consent of the owner. 
  • Yukon: Also same basic rules as New Brunswick.  You can smoke in a private residence or on someone else's property with the consent of the owner. 
  • Northwest Territories: Some specific public areas will be allowed but for the most part you'll only be allowed only to on private property. 
  • Nunavut: The rules that apply to tobacco will also apply to cannabis, with the exception that you can't smoke it in a vehicle, or at playgrounds.   

How many locations:  

  • British Columbia: There's no cap on how many places can sell it, but cities and towns will have to approve each location. 
  • Alberta: 250 retail locations to start
  • Saskatchewan: Up to 51 permits to sell it will be issued in 31 different communities.
  • Manitoba: An unlimited number of private stores will be allowed to sell it but the province will control distribution.   
  • Ontario: 40 stores to start, going up to 150 in the year 2020. 
  • Quebec: Only 20 physical stores at the beginning.  
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: Unclear at the moment, the government has called for proposals from stores who want to sell pot but no specific number is set.
  • New Brunswick: 11 locations to start, going up to 20 by September of this year.
  • Nova Scotia: 9 locations in the beginning.
  • Prince Edward Island: 4 stores to start.
  • Yukon: Only 1 location.  
  • Northwest Territories: It will be sold in liquor stores.
  • Nunavut: None this year.  

Will online sales be allowed:  

  • British Columbia: Yes, by the government.
  • Alberta: Yes, by the government.
  • Saskatchewan: Yes, by private retailers.
  • Manitoba: Yes, by private retailers.
  • Ontario: Yes, by the government. 
  • Quebec: Yes, by the government.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: Yes, by the government.
  • New Brunswick: Yes, by the government.
  • Nova Scotia: Yes, by the government.
  • Prince Edward Island: Yes, by the government.
  • Yukon: Yes, by the government. 
  • Northwest Territories: Yes, by the government, but only where there isn't a liquor store to buy it from.
  • Nunavut: Yes, by the government. 

So there's a look at what legalization will look like across the country. 

Source: Brazeau Seller Law