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Here's How Much Money Kylie Jenner Is Really Worth

Baby bump and all.
Here's How Much Money Kylie Jenner Is Really Worth
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The youngest Kar-Jenner was called a 'Billion Dollar Baby' long before she was actually reported pregnant. The young star transformed her extreme social-media following into one of the most successful make-up lines ever, Kylie Cosmetics, back in 2015. The cosmetic line has kept the cash rolling in making Kylie worry-free about her expensive lifestyle (and future baby expenses.)

Kylie Cosmetics has pulled in an enormous $420 million dollars in 18-months, projecting Kylie to be the first KarJenner billionaire before she turns 30. Damn.  

While sister Kim has a net-worth of 150 million (casual) and Mama Kris is decently behind with a net-worth of 60 mill, young Kylie stacks up at a pretty impressive 50 million dollar net-worth - which can and will increase over the years to come. Bravo, Ky. Keep on grinding. 

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