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Here's How Much Money You Need To Make To Be Considered Rich In Each Of Canada's Major Cities

It's no secret that the value of $1,000 changes pretty dramatically when you start visiting different places in the world. Though apparently, this is even true for when you are traveling within your own country!

You'd think though that the range of annual income it takes to be considered the 1% would be pretty similar across the board in Canada, but surprisingly there are some big differences from city to city! Even more surprisingly, some places you would never think of actually top the list for the highest annual paycheck required to be considered a big wig!

Let's take a look and what it takes to be considered the 1% in each major city!

20. Sherbrooke, Quebec: $172,069/year

19. St. Catharines-Niagara, Ontario: $177,591/year

18. Quebec City: $189,121/year

17.  Windsor, Ontario: $200,561/year

16. London, Ontario $203, 743/year

15. Winnipeg: $203,935/year

14. Halifax: $204,622/year

13. Oshawa, Ontario: $206,696/year

12. Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo, Ontario: $214,098/year

11. Victoria, British Columbia: $214,373/year

10. Montreal: $224,060/year

9. Regina, Saskatchewan: $232,623/year

8. Hamilton, Ontario: $236,176/year

7. Saskatoon: $240,932/year

6. Ottawa: $244,534/year

5. Vancouver: $246,266/year

4. St. John's: $256,918/year

3. Edmonton: $297,928/year

2. Toronto: $301,883/year

1. Calgary: $451,609/year

While many cities took predictable spots on the list such as Toronto and Vancouver landing in the top 5, we were shocked to see Edmonton and St. John's place so high! Regardless of which city you're in its definitely clear that to be considered a part of the 1% you've got to be making some serious money!

Source:HuffPost Canada

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