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Here's How Much Passports Are Actually Going To Cost After Canada Day 2018

Some people are being lied to about the price.
Here's How Much Passports Are Actually Going To Cost After Canada Day 2018

No one likes to find out that the cost of things are going to be going up, especially when it’s something you can only get in one place and can’t shop around for.

So when some Facebook posts appeared recently claiming that the cost of getting a new Canadian passport appeared online recently people were understandably upset.

Except that there’s one problem with the posts. It's a hoax. 

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The posts claims that after Canada Day this year the cost of a Canadian passport for five-year passports will rise $70 from $120 to $190.

It also says that the cost of 10-year passports will go from $160 to $260, and passports for children will rise from $57 to $100.

Now that would be very bad for anyone who is looking to get a new passport after Canada Day of this year, that is if that information were true.

Which in this case, thankfully, it isn’t.

Those increased fees are actually just how much it costs to get a new passport of those kinds if you were living abroad or in the United States.

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Passport prices have not risen in Canada since 2013 and there are no plans at all right now to increase the price this year.

So yes these Facebook posts are nothing but fake news.

We’ve heard it all before but it’s always worth being reminded that you can’t believe everything people post on the internet these days.

Source: CTV News