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Here's How Much Rent Costs In Every Major Canadian City

Here's where you should live if you want the cheapest rent in the country.
Here's How Much Rent Costs In Every Major Canadian City

With house prices across Canada rising steadily, it's becoming more and more difficult to find affordable rentals no matter where you live.

There seems to be no end in sight for the high cost of rent across Canada. The top 10 cities continue to have the largest rent growths year over year, with growth of over 10%, according to the latest report by PadMapper.

If you weren't quite aware of how much each province was rising their prices - or which cities were the cheapest - the apartment search engine has laid it out for us. 

Although the Canadian rental market has had a fairly stable month, 8 of 25 cities experienced a price hike in December compared to November, according to the December instalment of PadMapper's monthly Canadian rent report. 

Vancouver and Toronto continue to dominate the top two positions as the most expensive rental markets in Canada, while Barrie, Montreal and Victoria, BC have all squeezed into 3rd, 4th and 5th spot respectively. 

If you happen to live in Vancouver, you can give yourself a big pat on the back. You officially live in the most expensive rental city in the country. But there's good news: the median for a one bedroom here fell below the $2,000 mark this month, making the average rental $1,990 compared to November’s $2,080. However, the rent has gone up 10.6% since this time last year.

In Toronto, rent prices have gone up by 2.6% for a one bedroom, which now averages $1,970. Two bedrooms are up only slightly, but at $2,460, this number is up 14.6% since this time last year.

And the biggest city with the littlest rent award goes to Oshawa, Ontario. Rent here for a one bedroom is a mere $1040. 

If you're looking to move somewhere where the prices are heading in a downwards trend, look towards Kingston, Hamilton or Saskatoon.  And if you're looking for really cheap rent, head on over to Windsor, Ontario. They're still having rent increases, but at $690 for a one-bedroom, it's practically peanuts compared to Toronto and Vancouver.