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Here's How The New Winnie The Pooh Movie 'Christopher Robin' Is Actually 100% Canadian

The latest movie to hit the big screen, Christopher Robin, is the story of the adorable Winnie the Pooh and his adventures with his now adult friend Christopher Robin. While this movie is set in London, England, the whole story has a major connection to Canada. 

The original book, written by A.A. Milne, was actually based on a true story and real live bear that lived in Canada. 

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Back in the early 1900s, it was a common thing for people in White River, Ontario to pretty much keep bears on pets and tie them up on leashes. That is exactly what Lieutenant Harry Coleburn did with a little black bear cub that had been brought to the town.  

He kept the bear with him and named her Winnipeg after his hometown in Manitoba, and eventually, she was called Winnie. A few years later Coleburn ended up donating her to the London Zoo when he was transferred to France with the military, which explains how the story gets to England. 

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A. A. Milne had written his story based on that very same bear after visiting the zoo with his son, whose name really was Christopher Robin. His son loved the bear so much and it was apparently him who tacked on the "The Pooh" part of her name. 

Coleburn was also kept up to date on Winnie's life at the zoo and regularly visited her when he was on leave from the military. There is still a statue of Winnie at the London Zoo today to commemorate how the little Canadian bear won over everyone's hearts while another statue stands in White River to honour its origins. 

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A. A. Milne's first edition of Winnie the Pooh was published in 1926, 12 years after Winnie left Canada, but the almost 100 years later, this adorable canuck is still popular and loved by people everywhere. 

Source: White River