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Here's How You Can Binge-Watch The New Netflix Series "The Sinner" If You Live In Canada

This crime series will have you absolutely hooked.
Here's How You Can Binge-Watch The New Netflix Series "The Sinner" If You Live In Canada

In the age of Netflix, we have the ability to watch terrific television whenever we feel like it. Yet, living in Canada, there are sometimes limitations on the content that Hollywood shares with our country. Sometimes our southern neighbours in America just have a better selection. 

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The perfect example of one of these limitations? The Golden Globe-nominated crime show starring Jessica Biel, "The Sinner." After a mysterious murder in broad daylight unexpected killer, Cora tries to untangle her memories when a cop looks to uncover the reason behind the killing. The twists and turns in the plot are what earned this hit series recognition during awards season. 

Plus it just got even better, with a brand new story being announced for season two. Since the first season was based on the book by German author Petra Hammesfahr the second season will take on a brand new story around a young boy. Both stories will be stand-alone but focus on the same theme of figuring out the reasoning behind the crimes committed. 

If you're hooked and need to watch The Sinners ASAP, Canada's Netflix will only lead you to disappointment. The television show just started streaming on the American service but hasn't yet been released to Canadians. But there are other options to get the binge fix you need. 

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"The Sinner" already has the first season available to purchase off of Amazon for only $29. You can completely avoid the disappointment of missing out by purchasing your own copy to have forever, meaning Netflix can never limit you by removing the series (or never putting it up in the first place). 

If you're one of the lucky ones who still have cable, Showcase broadcasts the show when it's running. You can tune into August 20 to see the brand new season.

Narcity is awaiting on Netflix to confirm if The Sinner will be coming to Canadian service soon. 

We're all hoping we can see this amazing crime series on Netflix soon but in the meantime other options are available. This is a story you will never forget. 

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