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Here's How You Can Find The Cheapest Wifi And Data Plans In Your Province

This search engine browses for the best deals on Wi-Fi and data plans in Canada to help you find the cheapest options.

If there's one thing that all of us Canadians can agree on, its that our costly cellphone and Internet plans are the bane of our existence. Out of all other G7 nations, our mobile phone and Wi-Fi bills are consistently among the highest. 

Even though this has been a reality for Canadians since the invention of the Internet, it never ceases to infuriate and confuse us. Especially while comparing Canada's plans to other countries. One Canadian recently pointed out that, in Australia, 10 GB data plans cost half as much as they do here.

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Canadians are even buying dirt cheap phone plans from other countries to avoid our flawed system. Even with roaming charges, foreign plans are proven to be cheaper.

Thankfully, a Montreal-based tech company noticed that Canadians need serious help shopping around for cheap Wi-Fi and data plans, and have come to our rescue. PlanHub is a search engine that offers a fast and easy way to compare cellular and internet plans in Canada.

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In five seconds or less, PlanHub gathers the most current prices and deals on the market, and serves up the best options based on your needs. It even tells you the best time to buy a plan to get the best deals possible and maximize savings.

For Wi-Fi, PlanHub has several pre-set options - Cheapest Plans, Family Use, For Students, Unlimited Data & Max Speed, Best Quality and Business. You can also customize your search, based on the download speed and monthly usage you'll need.

Here are the best Wi-Fi deals that come up in the For Students category:

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For phone plans, PlanHub selects the best deals based on the calling minutes and GBs of data that you'll need. It also allows you to search based on the make and model of your phone. 

You even have the option to search the cheapest plans in your province, based on data from every carrier in Canada. Check out their website to start browsing.