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Here's How You Can Get A $20 Voucher At Costco Canada Right Now

Costco is a bargain hunter's paradise. The massive stores offer a vast selection of everything you could want from groceries, clothes, electronics, and furniture all available for sale at discount prices which are only available to members. 

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If you have been avoiding shopping at Costco because of the membership fees, now is the perfect time to become a member. Currently, if you sign up for a $60 a year Gold Star Membership, you will get a free $20 voucher to use in the store. Thus it's like you're paying only $40 for the year, which is a great deal!

To get the free $20 Costco voucher, you will need to visit Costco's website, enter promo code COSTCO20 and pay for your membership.

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After registering you'll also be able to get one free Costco card for anyone 18 years of age or older living at the same address. You'll then be sent your membership card number so you can get your card in store. Within 1-2 weeks of paying for your membership, you will be emailed a voucher which you can use the next time you go shopping at Costco.

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For more information about this deal, or to register for your Costco membership to get the free voucher, visit Costco's website.