You Can Get Free Coffee All Day Long At 7-Elevens Across Canada This Week

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You Can Get Free Coffee All Day Long At 7-Elevens Across Canada This Week
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With the holiday season now well and truly here, you may find yourself craving a hot drink or two to escape Canada's cold winter weather. Luckily, 7-Eleven has us covered. 

The convenient store chain is giving away free cups of fresh coffee every day this week from today until December 16th (Saturday). Yup, free.

To get in on the deal, customers have to download 7-Eleven's rewards app. Sounds like a pain, but it's actually really easy. 7Rewards is available on Android or iOS app stores, so both iPhone users and Android users can get free coffee. After installing the app, just sign in with Facebook or create an account with your email.

The offer will be available under the My Rewards tab, all you have to do is show the in-app offer to the cashier at any 7-Eleven to get your free small hot beverage. 

There are some restrictions, as specialty coffee and Tim Horton's coffee are exluded.

Signing up will also land you 1000 rewards points and, if you're an avid 7-Eleven coffee drinker, a free coffee for every six coffees you buy. The app also provides you with 7-Eleven coupons (Viloe Coconut Water and Kombucha Wonder Drink are both on sale for 99 cents) and promotions, like 50% off your coffee from 2pm until 5pm every weekday. 

The freebie is available from December 11th to December 16th at all 7-Eleven locations - click here to find the location nearest you. Just make sure it hasn't closed down yet.

Much like the free 7-Eleven slushies and hot drinks last month, there's a limit of one free drink per customer per day.

Jennifer Browne
Sponsored Content Contributing Writer
Jennifer Browne is a Sponsored Content Contributing Writer for the Studio department focused on sponsored content and is based in Vancouver, Canada.