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Here's How You Can Keep Cool For The Rest Of Canada's Intense Summer

Don't get caught out in the heat!

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Even though it's already August, don't whip out the fall boots and PSL lattes just yet. We're still firmly ensconsed in summertime. 

Temperatures may have seemed to cool down a little as we head into the end of August, but let's not forget that the weather in Canada is very unpredictable. If history tells us anything, we've still got a few solid weeks of scorching sunshine left.

While hot, humid weather brings the opportunity to hit the beach, head to your nearest outdoor patio, or tan on your condo balcony, it also brings uncomfortably high temperatures and, if you don't keep cool, heat exhaustion and heatstroke. 

And once summer is over, it looks like the pattern of hotter-than-normal weather is going to continue. The Government of Canada predicts that even our fall months are going to be above normal temperatures. If you don't have an AC or a fan, you'll want to invest in one.

If you're not sure where to start, there are three main types of products to look out for: Conventional window ACs, bladeless fans, and portable ACs. 

Conventional window ACs, like the Danby Window Air Conditioner from Best Buy, are best-suited for people who want to save cash, save on their electricity bill, and have a lower impact on the environment. 

Bladeless fans, like the Dyson Tower Fan, project smooth, powerful, high-velocity airflow without blades or choppy air. You've probably seen them around. They have a sleek, safe bladeless design and look super cool in your apartment. They're also easier to clean than standard fans and are a lot quieter for silent night-time cooling.

Sami Ahmad, Store Leader at Best Buy, told Narcity: "With the high temperatures we have been experiencing over the last few years, we are seeing a demand for air-cooling systems that do more than simply bring down the temperature."

But portable ACs are perhaps the coolest (get it?) type of AC out there. They aren't your grandma's AC. They can be controlled through an app, so you arrive in a cooled home after a long day.

With Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility for voice control, the De'Longhi Pinguino Wi-Fi 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner from Best Buy concentrates cooling power only in the room the unit is in to save energy and money. It's easy to move and install, plus fits comfortably in condos and high-rises, Ahmad says. 

Visit BestBuy.ca or your closest Best Buy store to find what you need to keep cool this weekend and for the rest of summer! You can also check out their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more information.