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Here's Proof That Canada Isn't Actually In The Midst Of A Border Crisis

People are still crossing into Canada, but the numbers are actually going down.

For quite some time we’ve heard stories about how Canada is taking in too many asylum seekers who are crossing the border from the United States illegally, some calling it a crisis. The government has even created a new Border Security Minister position.

But according to new data, while there are certainly people who are still coming into Canada illegally, it is nowhere near crisis levels.

It appears that the situation is actually improving compared to last year.

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Earlier in the year, things were undoubtedly bad. In March 2018, 1,970 people illegally crossed the border, which is more than twice the number in the same month last year.

Canada was on pace to see as many as 40,000 people cross the border from the States this year, all asylum seekers hoping to settle down in Canada.

After that, Canadian and American officials started working to clamp down on border crossers. That includes people who illegally leave Canada to get into the United States

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The new measures that were implemented started to have an effect quickly. In June, Canada had 1,263 cross the border, less than in March.

July this year was the real first test of the new measures. Last year, over 3,000 people entered Canada illegally in a single month.

This year, it was much different. A total of 1,634 people were caught crossing the border illegally, a significant drop from the year before.

Here are the total number of asylum claims and interceptions for each month,  provided by the Government of Canada.

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Last year in August, over 5,000 people entered Canada from the States illegally, but so far this month reports are that Canada is seeing numbers similar to July.

So, while there are people who are still crossing the border seeking refuge in Canada, the numbers have been going down compared to last year thanks to the new measures. 

Source: Globe and Mail