Statistics Canada has released an interactive tool that can give you an idea of what the average income in Canada looks like based on what people were earning in 2019. The data is broken down by age, gender, and even province and gives information on the income of tax filers and their dependents.

According to the government agency, the average individual income in Canada was $51,740 for 2019. But, that number isn't consistent between men and women.

For women, average individual income was $43,160. For men, average individual income was $60,810, a difference of over $17,000.

Average income of different age groups

By age group, the demographic with the highest average individual income was people between 45 and 54 years old. Men in this group had an average income of $82,590 and women had an average income of $56,680.

The second-highest income age for Canadian men is 55 to 64. Men in this age group are making an average of $73,490.

The second-highest earning age bracket for women is actually from age 35 to 44. Women in this demographic are making an average of $53,540.

When it comes to the Canadian provinces, it looks like Albertans are earning the most each year, with the average total income in the province at $52,710 for 2019.

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