Who could forget last year's Victoria Secret Fashion Show? A show in which both Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid gained their wings. Beautifully, classically, as best friends. Lady Gaga graced the stage with a powerhouse performance and The Weeknd shook us to our cores as he belted out tunes as Bella walked by, in lingerie, weeks after their break-up. Truly an iconic evening for models and fans a like. 

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Fast forward to the 2017 Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Fans were expecting to see a Gendall/Kiki reunion, with amazing new pictures, adorable bras, and truly incredibly Instagrams. Sadly, Kendall has crushed that dream with her well-manicured hands, breaking all of our hearts. 

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When casting for the show last week went on in New York, many models were delighted to make the cut. Fan favourites were seen strutting through the NY streets in classic model uniforms, the city a-buzz with two letters on their lips. V-S. But Kendall was no where to be seen. And later, as models began confirming their casting in the show, Kendall was no where to be heard of, either. And finally, when VS announced the list of models that would walk in this year's show, Kendall's name was not on the list. 

Fans were surprised. Shocked. Devastated. Why was Kendall Jenner not doing the show? Are her and Gigi fighting? Did she develop a silk allergy? Did Victoria Secret refuse to stock her dressing room with 27 pairs of thigh-high boots?! The truth is, Kendall has to hang up her wing this year. Because, according to TMZ,  she just signed a multi-million dollar deal to be the face of La Perla - a VS competitor - equipped with a non-compete. 

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via @kendalljenner

The star shared these sultry snaps amidst everyone else's VS show announcements. We can't help but wonder if Kendall will pick her wings up again, since Karlie Kloss is making her much anticipated return to the runway after two years off. Let's hope so, KJ. You looked good in wings.