Today is the big day for Westjet’s new budget airline Swoop as it begins officially flying passengers today.

The airline is considered to be a no-frills airline with seats at about 40% the cost of those with WestJet.

Cheap seats are great but there’s one issue that is bound make potential customers mad at the airline though. 

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Swoop currently services 5 different cities across Canada, those being: Hamilton, Halifax, Winnipeg, Abbotsford and Edmonton.

See anything that might be annoying about that list for people wanting to get around the country for cheap?

Well as you probably noticed that means the airline does not fly to some of the biggest and most popular cities in Canada for tourists. 

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Swoop currently has zero services at all to cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary or even the nation’s capital of Ottawa.

So if you were hoping that the launch of the new airline would mean that you could go visit any of those cities for cheaper than usual you’re out of luck right now. 

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Swoop says that it hopes to have additional destinations available for travellers by the end of the year, including possibly international flights, but for now if you’re looking to get away to most of Canada’s major cities you’ll be stuck using a mainstream airline that costs more.  

Source: CTV