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Here's The First Look At Drake's Crazy New Mansion In Toronto

Drake is currently building a huge house in Toronto, Ontario.
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Here's The First Look At Drake's Crazy New Mansion In Toronto

Drake is killing it right now. He just released his brand new album "Scorpion" and it's getting a ton of praise. He recently reunited the cast of Degrassi for his new music video, "Upset". Drake can't be stopped right now!

Drake may be one of the biggest artists in the United States, but that doesn't mean he's forgotten where he comes from. 

16 months ago, Drake revealed that he was currently building himself a crazy huge mansion in the six. 

Drake posted this picture which shows the construction of his new home. At the time, the home was barely constructed, it only consisted of its bare bones. In the caption, he tagged @ferrisrafauli. It looks like he's recruited the luxury designer to architect his new home.

If you're anything like me, then you're probably wondering what it looks like now...

@ferrisrafauliembedded via  

The well-known designer shared this video on his Instagram yesterday and were completely shook. He captioned the video, "SCORPION 🦂 SZN. Substance always lands on top ...FR🔥🔥" He even tagged Drake's Instagram in the caption @champagnepapi. 

The video shows Rafauli and his team building Drake's new home. It begins with Rafauli sorting through the blueprints of Drake's mansion. You can even hear God's Plan playing in the background!

The video then shifts to the construction of the home. It looks like the new home is at least three to four stories tall. The house itself looks like a compound! It's HUGE! It looks like it could take up an entire city block.

Here are some older photos that Drake posted on his Instagram while the house was being constructed. 

Drake's new home in six looks amaaaaazing! We can't get over how extravagant it is! 

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