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Here’s The Latest News On Trudeau's Plan To Ban Handgun Sales In Canada

The Prime Minister of Canada is taking numerous cities bans into consideration.

It looks like the Prime Minister is taking the bans that numerous Canadian cities submitted to the federal government quite seriously. After a particularly violent summer in Ontario's capital, the Toronto city council voted to ban the end of handgun and ammunition sales in the city back in July. 

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Justin Trudeau had previously said that the government was debating the ban and coming up with a solution to the increase in Canadian gun violence. It seems today that the Prime Minister has come up with a solution that will make all Canadians happy. 

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The federal government released the mandate letters today, which are delivered to each Minister in the Government. Bill Blair, the Minister of  Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction, received a letter that suggested the study of a nationwide handgun and assault rifle ban. 

The letter read that Blair should "lead an examination of a full ban on handguns and assault weapons in Canada, while not impeding the lawful use of firearms by Canadians." That means exploring an avenue where a ban would be put in place, but Canadians who use guns for activities such as hunting would not be affected. 

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Trudeau's government made the mandate letters available to the public when their Liberal government took over in 2014. It's part of the transparency that the Canadian government wanted the public to have, especially when it comes to important projects such as this. 

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A study would mean that other countries with similar bans would be examined, as well as data that shows both the benefits and costs of a national ban versus local bans. 

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A study is the first step to understanding whether or not a ban would help control the gun violence currently affecting Canada. 

It's nice to see that Trudeau is taking the request of Canadian cities, like Toronto and Montreal, seriously. Only time will tell what the study will lead to and whether or not handguns and assault rifles will be permanently banned in Canada.