Here's What Happened To That Drunk Canadian Skier Who Was Found In A Stolen Car At The Olympics

While the Olympics have wrapped up it seems the story of Canada's own version of Ryan Lochte isn't over- yet. If you have no idea what I'm referring to, it turns out a Canadian Olympian was up to some other noteworthy activity off the podium in Pyeongchang- but not the good kind.

It all started when it was reported that someone in Pyeongchang had hijacked a local's car and attempted to drive it back to the Olympic Village. Upon finding the culprits and the car, police identified the three people in the vehicle as Canadian ski cross racer Dave Duncan, his wife, and his technical coach, William Raine. All of them were reportedly inebriated and Raine was the one behind the wheel. Reportedly Rain's blood-alcohol level was a whopping .162 in comparison to the legal limit of .05. 

Since being arrested for allegedly driving drunk and stealing a car both the Duncans and Raine have released apology statements. The Duncans noted their actions were "not up to the standards expected of us as members of the Canadian Olympic Team or as Canadians.” While Raine was quoted in his interview saying “I would like to apologize profusely for my inexcusable actions. Words are not enough to express how sorry I am. I have let my teammates, friends and my family down.”

Via Youtube | Toronto Star

While the legal aspect of the matter is still being sorted out, drunk driving in South Korea can come with a pretty hefty price tag. You can be sent to prison for up to there years or get stuck with a fine of up to $11,750 CAD. While it definitely was a pretty embarrassing slip up, at least we as Canadians have our new record-breaking medal tally to celebrate about! 

Source: Toronto Star