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Here’s What Happened When I Started Smoking 2 Joints A Day For A Week

Two joints a day might actually keep the doctor away.
Here’s What Happened When I Started Smoking 2 Joints A Day For A Week

Sounds like a lot, right? You would (or would not?) be surprised to find out that it really might not be.

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Before I begin, I'd like to make this read a bit easier for you. Here was my schedule for the week, as well as the times and amounts of weed that I smoked, so you can reference back to it and see where I was at and what I was up to at what time.

*The Sunday and Monday here are of the following week*

Just for you, I've tasked myself with this mission to smoke two joints a day to see what would happen. Weed generally carries a negative stigma around it and is often treated like a hard drug, when it should be treated like a casual beer.

This experiment was done so anyone who doesn't smoke weed, can!  Starting out can be a little confusing as it might take a while to find your sweet spot, but hopefully my experience can be a reference on how different doses might affect you.

There are two kinds of marijuana:

Indica: Which makes you sleepy and has more of a sedative effect. 

Sativa: Which keeps you awake gives more of a stimulant kind of high.

*For this experiment I smoked only high grade sativa*

Day 1 - Tuesday

Today I smoked two joints right after work, fvck was I baked. Though, probably should have started this research on the weekend. After I smoked, I went home and I tried to make a couple ads for my own side business. Sadly I was productive for only 30 minutes and was just too baked to continue and ultimately decided on relaxing for the rest of my evening with my girlfriend.

I've decided to wake up early and do my advertisements in the morning.

Day 2 - Wednesday

Today I woke up and smoked half a joint right away, and I did the advertising I was supposed to do yesterday. I was productive for an hour before I had to go to work, and on the way to work I finished the joint and rolled into work very awake and relaxed as I had already been working since 6 am and was fresh ready for the work day.

I worked straight until 4 and noticed fatigue setting in right after work (as anyone who has to start work at 6am does) then went straight to the dispensary, and smoked a whole joint. I then did some business-to-business advertising and sold a store on $1000 worth of product, went home, made the order and then went to bed. I noticed that there was a boost in my morale and productivity from being relaxed in stressful work situations (sales).

Day 3 - Thursday

I woke up late and was almost late for work (I pushed the snooze button one too many times). I started my work day normally, though I noticed I was a little more irritable than normal around 2:30.

I smoked right after work and then met up with some friends around 6 and smoked again. When I went home I smoked another joint (for a total of 3) and was so baked that I fell asleep on the couch.

I would definitely recommend keeping it at a tame two joints a day.

Day 4 - Friday

I didn't have to be at work until 10 am so today I decided to try smoking two joints in the morning. By 10 am I was still super baked which made the first 2 or 3 hours of my workday a challenge.

Halfway into my work day I started to even out and was completely sober by the end of the work day. Today fatigue didn't set in until 6 pm and I'm guessing this is from still being a little high during my usual 2:30 pm fatigue period.

Day 5 - Saturday 

Finally, the weekend. Today I smoked before I went to lunch with a group of friends and I smoked again around 6 before I cracked a couple cold ones with the boys.

I'm noticing that when I smoke I'm no longer feeling nearly as inebriated as I was prior to this week. It feels more like I'm putting a "positivity filter" on everything that happens in life.

Day 6 - Sunday

I woke up early and smoked some of "the devil's lettuce" with some friends before we went to the gym. I noticed I didn't suffer from the same heavy fatigue I normally suffer from during a long workout. As well, I consistently kept forgetting how many reps I was doing so I would have to re-do lots of my sets, which is a good thing.

Today I smoked the second joint right before bed as I wanted to wake up early for work, because Mondays are a struggle.

Day 7 - Monday

Today I decided to switch up how I blazed. I smoked half a joint in the morning, half at lunch, half after work, and half after dinner.

Today was probably one of the most laid back, smooth, and still productive days I have had in a long time, especially considering it was a Monday.

In conclusion:

Though this may not be the right dosage for everyone, I feel as though this was the perfect amount (given the right timing) for me to stay productive and functional all while having a good time.

Like most things in life, you need balance. What this experience has taught me is that so long as you maintain a proper balance with your schedule, your motivation and you're careful not to over indulge, your path to success will always be lit.

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