Here's What Our Famous Canadian Groundhogs Had To Say About The Weather For The Next 6 Weeks

The news is in!
Here's What Our Famous Canadian Groundhogs Had To Say About The Weather For The Next 6 Weeks

Today is February 2nd and for Canadians everywhere that marks the celebration of Groundhog Day! For anyone not familiar with the occasion, it's the superstitious North American tradition of our local groundhog popping its head out, to determine if there will be six more weeks of Winter or if we'll be lucky enough to get an early Spring. The way our omnipotent groundhog determines this by coming above ground and determining if it sees its shadow or not. If it does, it will retreat to its burrow and we will continue to have more cold winter weather. If the little groundhog does not see its shadow,  we'll be #blessed with an early start to the warm weather.

For Groundhog Day 2018, the news is in for this year and the consensus is that - well it depends where you are really. This year our Canadian groundhogs have some mixed predictions.

Nova Scotia: Early Spring

No shadow to be seen! I repeat no shadow! #EarlySpring #GroundhogDay2018 #ShubenacadieSam

Ontario: 6 More Weeks Of Winter

Well, for those hoping for 6 more weeks of've got your wish. I saw my shadow. #officialprediction #sixmoreweeksofwinter #WiartonWillie #Wiarton #PredictionMorning

Quebec: Early Spring 

Fred, la marmotte de Val-d'Espoir, n'a pas vu son ombre.

Gaspésie Fred says early spring! Which is hilarious, it currently feels like -10°F here.

February 2, 2018

Alberta: Early Spring 

#BREAKING#BalzacBilly did NOT see his shadow. An early spring for Alberta! #yyc#yycweather

February 2, 2018

As a side note, our American groundhog friend Punxsutawny Phil, maybe the most popular groundhog when it comes to weather predictions, had his say in Gobbler's Knob, Pennsylvania. He agreed with bad news that we will continue to have 6 more weeks of bad weather.

I have seen my shadow !! SORRY FOLKS!! 6 MORE WEEKS OF WINTER!#6MoreWeeks #GroundhogDay

While it seems like we have mixed reviews on what the next 6 weeks of weatheris going to look like - according to the groundhogs anyways. Our local meteorologists at Environment Canada have already made their predictions, saying that February will be colder than normal across the country. So it's looking like bad news for us in Canada.