Who knew glacier kayaking was a thing?! In British Columbia not only is it possible but it can include a helicopter ride and ice cave exploration experience! 

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Based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, every Spring the glaciers start to thaw which results in breathtaking glacier lakes that you wouldn't believe aren't photoshopped! 

via @compass_heli_tours

via @compass_heli_tours

For $5000.00 you and 4 guests can take a helicopter through the Cascade Mountains and enjoy some seriously stunning views of British Columbia. From there you arrive at the lake where you get 4 hours to kayak or paddle board on the lake before enjoying a gourmet picnic lunch! 

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You have to act fast though if you want to catch the vibrant blue waters which only appear in June then go back to a clear colour for the remainder of the season the tours are offered (June through September). 

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