Hailey Bieber's obsession with Tim Hortons didn't just come out of nowhere. No matter how famous Justin Bieber got, he never seemed to forget about his roots, and now he's shared them with his wife. Since they started dating, they've been spotted all over Ontario, especially during the summer months. Here's where you'll find Justin Bieber in Ontario this summer

Over the years, Justin has bought multiple properties in Ontario. He grew up in Stratford and stuck to the area when he was real estate hunting.

In 2013, Justin bought a mansion for his family in a small town in Northern Ontario. He wanted to give his brother and sister a nice home and purchased the $850,000 property. 

Not far from his family's home, he recently purchased another mansion that includes its own private horse race track! The property is 101 acres and worth $5 million. It's located in Waterloo where he's been spotted by fans many times.

When he's not visiting his family or relaxing in his new home, he's usually lounging in Muskoka. Muskoka is a town full of upscale cottages and a huge resort. Justin is known for renting out a private cottage for him and his family in the summer. He was there just last year with Hailey! 

They've also been spotted in Kitchener, a 10-minute drive from their new home. 

Your best bet to finding them this summer would probably be to head to the nearest Tim Hortons to any of these places! The Biebers would do anything for Tim Hortons, including having it delivered all the way to Los Angeles