There are some celebrity Family Feuds that are can’t miss television, and the one this weekend between the Kardashians and Kanye West’s family was just that.

The two families squared off on the classic game show to raise money for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

But we all know what you really care about is who won, and what kind of video is there is that you can watch from it. 

Via Steve Harvey

Now for the video, there is lots and it is all hilarious.

For one question host Steve Harvey asked “If you’re at a wild party, and everyone is naked, name someone you’d hate to see show up?”

Kanye’s cousin Kim answers by saying she’d hate for her family to show up.

Kendall Kardashian tops that by saying Donald Trump. 

And of course during the meet the families section of the show Khloe Kardashian took a little swipe at Kim for playing on Kanye’s team saying “I’m ready for this fued, me and Kim."

"Kim, I got you.” 

The whole thing was indeed worth the wait we had to put up with ever since the trailer where Kanye answered the question “name the top five reasons why Steve Harvey is a good kisser,” with the answer “lips,” was released.  

In terms of who won it was the.... West family. Kanye and Kim Kardashian’s family will be donating $25,000 to the hospital as a result of their victory.  

Source: ET Canada