University students like to party. Everyone knows that.

It’s basically a rite of passage at schools these days that you’re going to attend at least one massive party during your last few years at school.

But one school in Ontario is going to do everything that it can to cut back on the kind of parties that its students throw. 

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That university would be Queen's in Kingston Ont. where some of the parties during the year have gotten completely out of hand.

During a party for St. Patricks Day this year a bunch of students climbed on a garage roof, which couldn’t handle the weight and collapsed.

Students also have been known to take over the streets surrounding the campus and throw a massive party for homecoming each year.

One person was even kicked by a police horse after they slapped it a few years ago.

Pleaseee look at this jackass at Queens university's homecoming 😭

October 17, 2016

The university and the city of Kingston have had enough and say that from now on anyone anyone at the street parties who is charged under the Liquor License Act, the noise bylaw or the city’s new nuisance parties bylaw will not only need to pay a fine, but will also have to appear in court as well.

By making them appear in court it will give the school a record of what students are the biggest problem, and it will be able to further discipline students if it sees fit to.

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They’re hoping this also helps them identify students who are suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues.

So if you’re a Queen’s student next year you’re not going to be able to party like you used to anymore. 

Source: Global News