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Here's Why Rapper T.I. Just Got Arrested

The arrest happened early this morning.

Our favourite ATL rapper, T.I. was just arrested in Henry County in Georgia. 

According to Henry County police, T.I. was arrested around 4 AM this morning. According to reports, this is exactly what went down. 

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Clifford Harris Jr. aka T.I. was returning to the gated community where he lives around 4 AM when the incident occurred. Police state that T.I. did not have his key, so the guard wouldn't let him in.

This is when things got heated. T.I. reportedly asked the guard, "Don't you know who I am?" implying that because he's a famous rapper, that the guard should know that he lives there.

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During the argument, T.I. called a friend, who quickly showed up. The pair continued to argue with the guard. 

Henry County police were called to the scene and T.I. and his friend were both arrested.

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He must've been under the influence of alcohol because T.I. was arrested on misdemeanour charges of simple assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. He has since posted bond. 

Source: Journal News, AJC