You Need Secret Instructions To Find This Hidden Waterfall In Florida

Tiny, medium and tall waterfalls are rare in Florida. When discovered they become some sort of myth. Despite the flat state of Florida, there are few waterfalls that are impressive and unique. Robinson Branch Falls is a hidden waterfall in North Florida located by the Suwannee River boasting a powerful presence.

It is not easy to find this waterfall due to the conditions of the place. Thanks to a hiker who reported his adventures in 2015, adventurers can now find this hidden location. There is a trail between Robinson Branch Falls and Big Shoals leading to the waterfall. The Bell Springs Tract will take you to this majestic forest.

According to the trail report from Hiking the Appalachians and Beyond hikers need to "Pass a house on the right and continue down the dirt road to a grassy parking area. This is the start of the hike."

During your hike you will notice the Class III whitewater rapids from Big Shoals State Park and the sound of the raging river. This is definitely a perfect spot for landscape photographers and aspiring ones.

The 2.9-mile trail takes about an hour to complete. Moreover, the trail is well-defined where beginners can easily hike the path without much difficulty.

The only cons to this adventurous path is the deep ford along the way to Big Shoals. Robinson Branch Falls provides a mountain-like adventure for hikers in Florida. If you are looking for some thrill besides scuba diving and snorkeling, this is the place to add to your all-year bucket list.

Robinson Branch Falls

Location: For the exact location of the waterfall please review the instructions here.

Why you need to go: This hidden waterfall in Florida has one of the most spectacular views.

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