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Highway 400 Is Now Shut Down After A Woman Was Hit By A Flying Car Tire This Morning (PHOTOS)

A freak traffic accident has led to major shutdowns on Ontario's Highway 400 this morning. According to CityNews, Highway 400 shut down after a 29-year-old female driver was critically injured by a car tire that tire flew off a moving vehicle and smashed into her front windshield. The incident took place near Innisfil, a small town outside of Barrie, Ontario. The woman is being airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries.

UPDATE: Police confirmed all lanes of Highway 400 have now been reopened in both directions. An air ambulance successfully landed on the highway to retrieve the woman and took her to a trauma centre. The victim is expected to make a full recovery.

EARLIER: According to Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the Ontario Provincial Police, the accident occurred after a vehicle heading northbound on Highway 400 near Highway 89 suffered a malfunction. The malfunction caused the car's front tire to slide off of its wheel and go flying into the southbound lane of the highway. 

“It came off the passenger vehicle, bounced into the southbound lanes and struck a vehicle,” Schmidt detailed in a video update. “The tire smashed through the windshield into the occupant compartment of this vehicle resulting in serious injuries to the female driver.”

According to CBC, all southbound lanes of Highway 400 are shut down in that area. Two northbound lanes are also being blocked off on the right side. It is unknown at this time when the roads will be cleared. 

An air ambulance will land directly on the highway to pick the woman up. She will then be transferred to a nearby trauma centre. According to Schmidt, the ambulance is currently still on its way to the site of the accident.

Officers have also begun looking for the wheel responsible for the accident which has yet to be located. Traffic is heavily backed up in the area, and according to Schmidt, the alternate routes are also expected to be jammed.