This Short Nature Trail In North Carolina Leads To A Hidden Tropical Paradise

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Hike In North Carolina Takes Adventurers To A Relaxing Waterfall In Nature

Finding new places to hangout in your state can truly bring out your inner adventurer. It's even more exciting when those places are sort of unknown and not heavily trafficked by other people. There's actually a hike in North Carolina that takes hikers through a trail to a private paradise that's perfect for relaxing and daydreaming. 

In the Blue Ridge Mountains, near Little Switzerland, North Carolina, there's a short trail that's not too well known. The trail is actually on private property off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The owners of the land allow hikers and travels to enjoy the land to hike, bird watch and run. 

The hike is only 2.8 miles so it's a pretty quick trip to complete. This hike is rated easy for all levels of hikers so those looking for a new activity won't be too intimidated searching for this one. 

Along this hike, travelers will find a waterfall that's the showstopper of the area. Grassy Creek Falls is about 300 feet in elevation into the mountains, about two miles in hiking. 

As visitors near the waterfall around 1/4 of a mile, they'll being to hear the waters rushing over the rocks and into the small pooling water below.

Once near the secluded waterfall, travelers will be surrounded by trees, almost giving the illusion of being in a super private oasis.

The trail is open all year round so its perfect to visit in the hotter months and even into fall. During the winter, the waterfall is frozen over and looks more like sheets of glass. 

Visitors are to be warned that the area around the waterfall is very steep and slippery so watching your footing is advised.

Grassy Creek Falls

Price: Free

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Why You Need To Go: This privately-owned nature trail has a waterfall that is such a relaxing vibe.

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