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This Short Hike In North Georgia Has Great Views Of A Massive, Glassy Lake

There is still time to get out and get on the lake to live up the end of summer 2K19. Many people during the year visit Allatoona Lake to go boating, swimming, camping, and do other outdoor activites. If you do find yourself at this gigantic lake, you have to take a hike on the Red Top Mountain Lakeside Trail. 

Lakeside Trail is located right on the shore of Allatoona Lake. Luckily, it is not long at all and is a paved trail all the way. After swimming and boating all day, you can walk this trail to see some history and some pretty beautiful views. 

Round trip, you will only be walking 0.75 miles. If you brought your furry friend to the lake on your little vaycay, they will enjoy this short walk as well. It will also give them a little exercise without overheating. 

You will walk along the edge of the lake and notice the glassy water along the cove. This will lead you into a forest of canopy pines. Throughout this trail, there will be a continuous view of the glassy, reflective lake. 

Along the trail, there are multiple places that you can stop and sit to enjoy the view around you. You should bring some snacks because there are picnic tables you can camp out at while you chill in the wilderness. 

Along with the views and canopy forest, there are a few quaint cabins you will come across. The first one you will come across is Vaughn Cabin. It was built in the 1800s and you can go in and explore it for a little history on your hike. 

There will be a smaller cabin after you depart from Vaughn Cabin. This one used to be an old blacksmith's shop. While this is not your usual hike or trail, it offers so many different views and attractions. 

There are many trails at Allatoona Lake, but this one is the shortest and easiest. It is also ADA approved, so everyone can enjoy this trail. If you are looking for more short trails, this one in Clayton has three different waterfalls that you can view without having to trek very far. 

Lakeside Trail 

Price: $5 for parking

Address: 50 Lodge Rd. SE., Cartersville, GA 30121 

Why you should go: This trail is the best for beginners. It is a 0.75-mile, completely paved trail right on Allatoona Lake. 


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