You Can Hike To The Edge Of A Cliff To See The Most Turquoise Washington Lake Ever

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Hike to Washington's Rattlesnake Ledge Will Take You To The Bluest Lake

An abundance of nature's wealth lies here in the Evergreen State. But there's something about emerald-blue waters that leaves us awestruck and inspired. And a hike to Washington's Rattlesnake Ledge will bless you with the sights of the bluest lake you can imagine and some of the best views the state has to offer. 

The Rattlesnake Ledge Trail in North Bend, Washington is an intermediate hike, with a substantial elevation gain of 1,469 feet. It is a 5-mile roundtrip, and a popular one, so we recommend starting early in the morning or picking a weekday to avoid the crowds (and to snag a good parking spot).

The path to the Ledge is open year-round and there are no parking or permit fees.

The walk from the trailhead gives you a snapshot of the beauty that lies ahead. — A therapeutic sight of the blue lake, kayakers on a good-weather day and ducks floating by.

The walk is mostly easy and spent under the shade of lacy ferns. The final stretch of this journey takes you to a large rock that you need to scramble onto.

Breaking that sweat is totally worth what awaits you. — A breathtaking panorama of forest-clad mountains and the bluest of waters.

Since the reflection of the trees is what adds the emerald color to the waters, it's best to go on a sunny day to make the most of it. This spot also gets snowfall in the winter. 

The cliff is open-faced and steep. The rocks have deep crevices and can make footing uneasy, so remember to wear shoes with a good grip and to watch your step! 

You can take your time breathing in the vista and grabbing a snack from your backpack at this point. Pets on leashes are also allowed on this trail. Just remember to pick up the trash after you so others can enjoy the beauty too. 

From majestic waterfalls and stunning state parks to the most picturesque drives, the Evergreen State, true to its name, has got them all. And this little gem has the pride of place on that list.

Rattlesnake Ledge Trail

Difficulty: Intermediate

Length: Approx. 5-miles roundtrip

Address: North Bend, WA 98045 

Why you should go: This rewarding hike will lead you to the edge of a cliff for a panoramic view of rolling hills and the bluest of waters. 


We strongly advise that before you go swimming at/visiting Rattlesnake Ledge & Ridge, you check the most recent updates on potential safety hazards, security, water quality, and closures. The ledge is steep and has led to incidents in the past. If you do plan to visit the location, respect the environment and stay safe. 

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