You Can Walk Up A Stone Staircase To Get Epic Virginia Mountain Views

Ultimate bragging rights.
Hikes In Virginia Mountains Lead To Get Amazing Cloud-Level Views

Staying indoors is not as fun when the sun is out and the weather is leaning into the summer. This is a great time to get out and find your inner adventurer. There's so many hikes in Virginia mountains, that locals and tourists will want to check out the amazing views from the clouds. 

Many hikers in Virginia and beyond are familiar with Old Rag Mountain. It's located within Shenandoah National Park in Luray, Virginia. This hike is not the average hike - it's one of the most dangerous hikes in the state

Adventurers are warned that there are many twists, turns and climbing over boulders through this hike to make it to the top, but the views are so worth it (including the bragging rights). 

Completing the hike takes close to seven to eight hours. While visitors have completed the hike in less time (the average being 5.5 hours), travelers should prepare to spend the entire day in the park.

Park officials suggest beings a headlamp, or flashlight, just in case you don't complete the hike before nightfall.

Hikers will see an elevation of 2,415 feet, so bringing ample amounts of water is highly encouraged.

The park's official site suggests at least two quarts per person to avoid dehydration.

The hike will take visitors through cracks in massive rock formations and lead to a stone staircase that's perfect for a break, and a quick photo op.

For anyone looking to really get an adrenaline rush and test their bravery, this is the best hike to add to the summer to do list.

Old Rag Mountain

Price: Free

Address: 3655 U.S. Highway 211 East, Luray, VA

Why You Need To Go: For experienced hikers, or anyone looking to find their inner adventurer, this hike is perfect. Reward? Epic views and bragging rights.